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Best Beauty Podcasts To Listen To: For Inside-out Beauty

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Beauty podcasts that get you thinking about beauty, the friend or foe? What does beauty mean to you? Is beauty a friend or a foe? We hear about the pressures of beauty, but it is almost glorified. Is the pressure to be beautiful only on those who already consider themselves beautiful enough, and who want to be “even more beautiful?” Therein lies the paradox of beauty. We can never have enough. Because, beauty is in essence, transient, subjective and these are the very qualities that make it what it is. Something of beauty.

It isn’t all about having pretty makeup and nice dresses. The issue here is sometimes unrealistic ideals under the guise “self-love” are glorified to the extent it may breed unhealthy psychological traits. Body dysmorphobia may not arise from those who are feeling bad about themselves, but from one who thinks that (insert pronoun) can be better. The problem is, “better” is limitless. 

Beauty Podcasts that Challenge Perspectives 

@drteowanlin New episode out! Check out the Girls With Long Hair podcast on @Spotify Happy Sunday! #beautypodcast #girlswithlonghair #podcastclips ♬ original sound – By Dr.TWL

Another contentious point is to consider if our endless introspection into the subject of beauty is a dead end in itself. According to philosophers, if beauty is an emotion, it cannot be engineered with surgery or methods that alter one’s physical appearance. That may lead to fulfilling a beauty “standard” which we know is constantly changing.. but it may also spawn future generations who look remarkably similar. 

Why isn’t anyone up in arms about this? The answer is. We are taught that in a democratic society, one should respect whatever, anything, however, that an individual so wishes on themselves. That may be a healthy perspective to adopt. However, the game isn’t played fairly. We are bombarded with an onslaught of subliminal messages in the media about what we should consume in order to attain our ideal of beautiful. 

If all that gets you thinking, you are at the right place. Welcome to Phygiart Worlds, where we create media to change your mind about beauty. We hope we are levelling the landscape, with each beauty game we create- for fairer play, in this game , called beauty.

A collection of beauty podcasts by TWL Media & Publishing available on Spotify, Apple and Google podcasts. 

Beauty podcasts by board certified dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin, also known as Dr.TWL for all day long edutainment. Our mission at Phygiart Beauty, part of the Dr.TWL Group, is to inspire an entire generation to think about beauty differently.

Cogito, ego, sum

Are you a beauty enthusiast? We are a media company specialising in beauty content creation, helmed by an international beauty KOL Dr. Teo Wan Lin who has worked with major beauty brands internationally, including Dior beauty, the AMORE-Pacific Group, Eucerin, L’Oréal amongst many others. 

Beauty Podcasts on the Science of Beauty

Science of Beauty Podcast

Our beauty podcast Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty is known within the international beauty community as an authoritative voice on the subject of intelligent beauty. Interpreted not simply as uncovering the science behind beauty interventions, but as an all-encompassing philosophy. Beauty, as an aesthetic phenomenon, originating in the mind. 

How to Be Beautiful: Beauty Podcasts on the Art of Beauty 

Girls with Long Hair

Historically, beauty was appreciated as an art, as is intuitive. However, in modern times, the cliche of “the science of” nearly everything has crept into the beauty industry as well. Are we being taken for a ride? Dr.TWL airs her honest, and extremely biased opinions in Girls with Long Hair. As a former model and now a dermatologist with over a decade of clinical experience, she provides an interesting perspective as to how beauty itself has become a commodity in a consumerist society.  

A Beauty Podcast on the Art of Articulation

Articulate Lipstick Society Beauty Podcasts

A new take on intelligent beauty perhaps is the ability to speak intelligently. The Articulate Lipstick Society is a beauty podcast that schools you in the art of the riposte. Do you feel that you are being ridiculed for being too beautiful ? Or for not being beautiful enough. No matter, because in this podcast by Dr.TWL, if lipsticks can talk, so can you.

Is Funny the New Beautiful? 

A Beauty Podcast Featuring Comedy, Satire 

Soap Opera Podcast Cover

Intelligent Beauty: We were all caterpillars once

Soap Opera is a hilarious take on feminine competitive behaviour by Dr.TWL. Want to win the beauty pageant? Dr.TWL teaches you the art of waging war on your enemies in order to become the most beautiful of all. 

The Acne Podcast: A Beauty Podcast for Acne Sufferers

Acne Podcasts

It is well known that acne causes severe psychosocial impact. However, terms like acne positivity, coined by sufferers do little to balance the public and dermatologist viewpoint of this condition. Are we supposed to be positive about acne? The American Academy of Dermatology explicitly states that we ought to treat acne (which is in fact easily treatable by dermatologists) rather than ignore or embrace it. The reason is simple, it is treatable, dangerous if out of control, and causes significant psychosocial distress. Is acne positivity an empty word? Listen to the Acne Podcast to discover for yourself. Join the community of acne sufferers who share their journeys on Ask a Dermatologist.

Sleeping Beauty, a Podcast for Beauty Sleep

Sleeping Beauty Podcasts

A beauty podcast like no other, and the last we checked, the only one on beauty sleep. On Sleeping Beauty, join Phygiart and Dr.TWL in a world of surreal dreams in the secret garden. You are the artist, the designer of dreams as you embark on this bedtime coloring adventure while listening to episodes created for a gentle lull into dreamland. Each episode comes with a bonus gift of a series themed limited edition coloring page to accompany the podcast.

@bydr.twl Sleeping Beauty -Dream for Beauty Sleep now on Spotify #sleeppodcast #sleepingbeauty #beautysleep #beautysleepchallenge #beautytok #drtwl ♬ Relaxing Meditation, Calm Forest Bird Sounds (3 min. edit) – soundnestro

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