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Butterfly Brain Games ~ A Mind-Beauty Game Tool by Dr.TWL

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A dermatologist-invented beauty tool for inside-out beauty. How to be beautiful? Beauty becomes a skill, in a game of metamorphosis by PHYGIART.

Print & Play Edition

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Butterfly Brain Games When Your Mind Experiences Beauty You Become Beautiful Too
Butterfly Brain Games A Beauty Wellness Tool
Your Thoughts Emotions Expressions
Why You Will Love This Beauty Tool
Self Portrait Skill Self Perception Draw Color Paint Your Emotions
Butterfly Brain Games First Flight
Butterfly Brain Games Elite Edition
Butterfly Brain Games Beauty Secrets By Dr.TWL
Butterfly Brain Games Most Imaginative Wins

Beauty ~ Philosophy & Art in a Game 

The first beauty tool to harness the mind-skin connection with right brain training. Create abstract art in an immersive sensory game reimagining the metamorphosis of a monarch butterfly.

A Narrative Game: Art, Poetry & Abstract Strategy

How to be beautiful? In a never-before beauty game tool designed as a board game, one of poetry, mind graffiti and dexterity, practise to become your most beautiful and authentic self in a journey of self-discovery, compassion and acceptance. In this game, beauty is a skill, honed by memory, intelligence and creativity, influenced by your personality within the realm of the imagination.

Conscious Beauty & The Mind “A beautiful visage is not necessarily one without wrinkles. Beauty may be defined as what elicits a positive emotion from the observer,”Dr.TWL

The first beauty game tool that harnesses the mind-skin connection to influence the aging face with imagination therapy. A game that will change your perception of beauty, as you transform inside out. A game of metamorphosis, the change of heart.

The beauty game set includes a sketchbook with 47 pre-fabricated chiaroscuro portraits of a meditating metaverse mannequin, functioning also as a game board. Designed for all skill levels, the pieces allow for expressive re-imaginations of a mixed-media self-portrait. This is with automatic drawing/hasard objectif techniques borrowed from the surrealists. A sensory audiovisual experience with an author-narrated inspiring poem takes the user through the mental and emotional journey of a monarch butterfly undergoing a 12-day metamorphosis, along with a how-to-use commentary guide.

Listen to the full story on Spotify

An Artistic Experience for All Skill Levels, a Beauty Game of Poetry & Imagination

Create A Portfolio Keepsake of Self Portraits

Printed on specialty 160 GSM acid-free art paper for mixed media use. Bound in a hardcover special edition with micro-perforations for easy tear out for framing your masterpieces. Or, create stunning group artwork as part of THE BEAUTY GAME (see below). The case-bound hardcover can also be used as a portfolio jacket to store and protect your masterpieces.

Sensory Game of Abstract Thinking

The Art of Expression

Enter the Cocoon: A Poetic Terrain-Building Beauty Game

Twenty playing cards with specially designed images of a caterpillar navigating different terrain paths guide a game of read-aloud poetry and tile-stacking. The goal is to create an elevated terrain with 80 interlocking colored tiles. The tiles form a path for the caterpillar to find a safe place to build its cocoon.

Metamorphosis Tool Kit: What You Get
Butterfly Brain Games - Unlock Heart of Butterfly Beauty

An Immersive Sketchbook of Masterpieces – Drawn By You

In this book, you are the artist. I provide 47 black and white portraits of a meditating metaverse mannequin on specialty 160GSM acid-free, fade-proof art paper in a hardcover limited edition measuring 8.5 X 11 inches. In addition, each sheet is perforated at the side for easy tear out to frame and display your masterpiece. In the game, the art sheet also functions as a unique game board for solo or group play culminating in one-of-a-kind abstract artwork showcasing surrealist techniques of hasard objectif.

A Meditative Audiovisual Experience To Bring Beauty to Your Mind

While you draw, paint and play, listen to me narrate the poem that inspired this, with uplifting accompanying music delivered to you as a high quality MP4 recorded with Dolby audio. The 12 day metamorphosis of a Monarch Butterfly starts with the humble beginnings of a lowly caterpillar, with feelings of envy and disappointment as it navigates the garden alone watching the beautiful fluttering creatures of the air. The journey into the cocoon is unexpected. Just at the moment of its physical death, its spirit comes alive. The poem ends with the beautiful transformation into a Monarch Butterfly.

UNLOCK BONUS STRETCH GOALS: Help us unlock stretch goals. These include a dust jacket, slip case, 8 wooden butterfly tokens for 5th dimension sensory play and a beautiful heirloom “Heart of Butterfly Beauty” game puzzle lock trinket.

Stretch Goals
Mind Graffiti On Chiaroscuro

Light Up Your Imagination

A Right-Brain Exercise based on the science of neuroaesthetics. Imagination therapy for stress-relief, negative emotions like anxiety and depression. The reverse coloring method on inverse images created on black printed paper stimulate visual-emotional-cognitive pathways in the brain, encouraging neuroplasticity.

Watch your worries fade away as you follow the path of a beautiful migrating Monarch Butterfly.

The Contrast of Light & Dark Special effects create a brilliant canvas for the use of bright colors to light up your mind. Experience relief from negative emotions such as anxiety, stress and depression with color and imagination therapy in this beauty game.

Surrealist Techniques Without Rules or Judgement, On Mixed Media

Use the brilliant colors of pastel to doodle, utilising automatic drawing and hasard objectif methods of the surrealists to create 47 beautiful self-portrait masterpieces. In addition, splash on gouache, poster paints to elevate, add texture and dimension to your artwork.

Beauty The Emotion

The art book, the beauty game and the course is a commentary on the true abstract nature of aesthetics, best defined not by beauty standards but as a philosophy. Beauty is an experience engaging our intellectual and emotional faculties, experienced through imagination. As in our observations of natural phenomena, beauty displays both characteristics of random and intelligent design. At the heart of it, organic shapes, textures and dimensions built as an amalgamation of fractal subunits that appeal to the human imagination. It is my statement against manufactured beauty ideals falsely based on the golden ratio, a bona fide hallmark of the force of intelligent design behind nature. The science of beauty is not about aesthetic standards. Rather, it tells us that complex physiological pathways involving the mind, emotions, imaginations and individual personalities are responsible for human perception of the experience of beauty.

About Me

I’m Dr Teo Wan Lin, a board certified dermatologist from Singapore. I am the author of “On Thoughts, Emotions, Facial Expressions & Aging” in the International Journal of Dermatology¹. As a researcher in the field of the Brain-Skin Connection, my special focus is on neuroaesthetics, the science of how the brain perceives beauty and the particular influence of art on the brain. I created this special art book and accompanying tabletop beauty game based on a poem I wrote, entitled “METAMORPHOSIS”, chronicling the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. The artwork is based on a commissioned 4-D Metaverse Mannequin, processed digitally with special chiaroscuro effects for a reverse coloring experience on black pages.

I’m also the host of a beauty podcast on Spotify: Dermatologist Talks – Science of Beauty. The podcast focuses on alternative interpretations of aesthetics, based on philosophy and the science of neuroaesthetics, in a world of impossible beauty standards. Find me on Instagram @drteowanlin.

A Beauty Game of Expression: A Story About Self-Love and Loathing

My fascination with the realm of the imagination as a dermatologist began with my observations of body dysmorphophobia. In this case, sufferers experience horror and self-loathing in a purely imaginary way. Yet, it is so real it manifests with concrete reactions like continual body-modification attempts with plastic surgery and persistent depression or even suicide. Body dysmorphobia is a classic example of imaginations gone wrong. Sufferers see a distorted vision of themselves, that is no longer consistent with reality. However, there is a way we can try to perceive this condition. Their distorted vision of themselves directly mirrors their self-image – which is a product of their thoughts, emotions and their personalities.

This sensory game provides a novel intersection point for our thoughts, emotions, imaginations lit up on the background of self-perception, embodied by the dark, somewhat monotonous, yet evolving iterations of a black mannequin.


Help Her Enter the Cocoon Safely


“The cocoon must be suspended securely off the ground, looking down from above, in preparation for the caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly. The goal of the game is to build a stable elevated terrain, with no part of stacked tiles overhanging.

This beauty game Allows for Infinite Variations. In addition, it contains QR CODE for downloadable reprints of artwork which functions as a game board. 1-4 Players; 30-60 minutes; Age 8+; 1 Art Sheet Per Session; Optional ( Audio Player) Included in Game Set MP4 File “METAMORPHOSIS” Magical Background Music on loop

Of Rhythm, Dexterity & Strategy

Before the game

Before the game, decide which variation to play to determine art supplies required. For single media only, allocate 1 set per player as colors determined by each draw will be the same for all players at the turn. For 2 different media, i.e. color pencil vs pastel, each player alternates the media used with each turn. This applies to 3 person plays as well. If paint media is used, the order will be Pencil, Pastel, Paint. For the first round, the number of letters in the first names of players will determine allocation of the first media. That is, the shortest first name starts with pencil.

For mixed media with paint, each player has their own individual brush. The brush cannot be washed during the session, i.e. there will be mixing. Therefore, depending on random chance, the color can become murky at the end, becoming invisible on the black game board. In this case, any additional territory gained with the action is forfeited.

A Poetic Terrain-Building Adventure
  • Variation A 2 players: 1 set of Color Pencils and 1 set of Pastels OR 2 sets of Color Pencils OR 2 sets of Pastels
  • Variation B 3 Players:  2 sets of Color Pencils and  1 set of Pastels OR  2 sets of Pastels and 1 set of Color Pencils; Paint Set can substitute any 1 of the above sets, however each player has their own paint brush.
  • Variation C 4 Players: 2 sets of Color Pencils and  2 sets of Pastels; Paint Set can substitute up to 2 of the above sets, however each player has their own paint brush.
  • Variation D Solo: No limits

STRETCH GOAL BONUS UNLOCKED WOODEN BUTTERFLY TOKENS will be added as the fifth dimension of the beauty game. To be revealed when unlocked.


CARDS & TILES: The game includes 20 cards featuring individually color coded paths taken by the caterpillar. 80 tiles forming a custom terrain are chosen by the players. Shuffle the deck of cards, draw and reveal the first card. In addition, players are encouraged to read aloud the poetry verse written on the back of each card with each draw. Each player then takes a tile matching the color code. The player then places it at a chosen position “THE BASE” on the art paper. The art paper functions as a game board.

Be Not Afraid of Going Slowly, Be afraid only of standing still.


“Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still”

Before proceeding to draw, 1 player should read aloud the rule of the sketchbook as a cue to begin. It is also a reminder that only 1 action is permitted in a single stroke at each turn. There is no limit to how long each player can wait while thinking, before putting the pencil/paintbrush to the paper. However, once they decide, the action must be completed with continuous movement without any stopping.

Players simultaneously doodle/paint around the base in the color (or closest matching) in one single strokewithout stopping, covering as much surface area as possible without touching the others’ tile/drawing. TIP: The quickest will cover the highest surface area. The game is not timed. The turn ends when the last player is done. The quicker the player decides placement of the tiles, the earlier they start to draw around it to gain more territory for their cocoon. However, in the early stages, the more thoughtful, strategic player can still gain more territory being slower than the others if they are able to recognise the opportunities.

With each new card drawn after that, each player takes the appropriate colored tile. The player then adds it to the tiles that they already have in play. This is followed by proceeding to color around the base to get more territory. Eventually, each player builds their custom terrain arrangement. Played solo, the beauty game is an immersive meditative experience. In a group, the final masterpiece is a unique keepsake that shows the intersection and dynamic flow relationships of individual personalities (i.e. quick, decisive vs thoughtful, hesitant) and imaginations.


Each player’s base position must not change or move. Players are immediately eliminated if any drawing/painting movements touch or knock over existing tiles. If they forget or make a mistake in selecting the media i.e. pencil/pastel paint, they get a red card. 2 red cards result in an elimination. The new stacked tile must touch at least one other tile on the same level along one side. A tile can also be placed on top of two or more other tiles as long as no part of the new tile overhangs the tiles below it; new tiles placed on this same level must touch at least one other tile, while also covering parts of at least two tiles and not overhanging. When pencils or pastels are used, the outline demonstrates the area of territory. Potentially being more efficient than paint brushes (depending on size) used.

Sudden Death in the Cocoon
Beauty is an Abstract Experience


Once all the cards have been drawn and the tiles placed, players take turns calculating their score. A tile on the bottom level— scores 0 points; a tile on the 1st level above this is worth as many points as the number coded on the tile; a tile on the 2nd level is worth twice the number on the tile. In a 3-4 player game, the 2 highest scores win the first round to go into sudden death. In sudden death, the surface area around the winning players’ base is estimated by the outermost border/outline created around the base station. Consequently, the player with the greatest territory wins the final game!

Butterfly Beauty Metamorphosis

First Flight Early Bird Specials

Unisex Secret Garden Charms – Use as Keychain or Bracelet

*randomly chosen, may be replaced with a gift of equivalent value.

Secret Garden Charms 1
Secret Garden Charms 2

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